Reasons Why You Should Apply for a Fertilizer Treatment During the Fall Months 

Fall is coming fast and even though your yard is about to go dormant and stop growing for the winter, it still requires proper care in order to keep it healthy. Aside from what most other property owners believe, the best period of time to fertilize the set is in the autumn months. Your lawn requires fertilizers in the fall months to prepare it for the winter season, promote faster recovery time in spring as well as improve its appearance and health once spring returns. The following are some of the reasons why you require applying a fertilizer treatment to your yard during the fall months: 


  1. Prepare your yard for the winter season

Unlike the spring fertilizer, a winterizer (as it is commonly called) or fall fertilizer, doesn’t encourage growth of grass during plants. As a matter of fact, it helps your lawn keep more food for the winter months. It also encourages rapid and thick growth rapid growth and rooting if spring time returns. In addition to that, each lawn goes through a time of preparation prior to entering dormancy for the winter months. Your lawn and landscape transitions from active developing to storing as many nutrients and foods as it can for future use for winter use.  

With that being said, your grass reduces its growth of blade and focuses all the strengths at its roots, helping them to live deep and strong, as well as increasing energy reserves. While your yard is preparing for its dormancy state, it uses all of its reserves in order to build stamina and strength prior to the winter sets in. having said that, applying fertilizer in fall gives your yard the nutrients and food they need. 

  1. Fall gives the best environment for optimum nutrient absorption

It is very essential to fertilize your yard in the spring and fall but fall is way too far the most crucial time of year to fertilize your yard because it gives the best environment your grass requires to absorb nutrients and water. Summer heat is very stressful on your lawn as well as it dries out your soil; the morning dew and the cooler temperatures of fall give the moisture and stress-free setting needed in order to aid your turf to absorb the fertilizer being applied. Furthermore, applying fertilizer during the fall months provides your grass with more time to absorb and break down the food and nutrients from the fertilizer, making it available for use all throughout the winter season. 

  1. Gives a quicker recovery during spring

Once your lawn awakens from its dormant period, it requires a great foundation for a fast recovery. Fall fertilizer aids your lawn smoothly turns in and out of dormant period when the spring hits. Also, a winterizer that is rich in potassium will actually help the grass roots grow deep and strong into the soil, and then, help them absorb the food and nutrients they require in fall for a fast recovery after the end of dormancy in the spring time. Contact a professional landscaping service Santa Rosa contractor for more fertilizing tips.